International Criminal Court judges consider that Sergei Kobylash and Viktor Sokolov committed war crimes in Ukraine

Judges of the International Criminal Court issued this Tuesday (March 5, 2024) an arrest warrant against 2 Russian officers. The Court found Sergei Kobylash, 59, and Viktor Sokolov, 62, guilty of committing war crimes in the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the note from the international entity, it was concluded that the attacks by the Russian military had smaller gains than the damage caused to civilians by the offensives, with the attacks “clearly excessive” to the Hague Tribunal.

Koblyash and Sokolov carried out offensives from October 10, 2022 until March 9, 2023. During the break, Russia carried out a campaign of attacks against power plants and substations on Ukrainian territory.

Sergei Kobylash is a lieutenant general of the Russian Armed Forces and was a relevant commander of the Aerospace Force’s long-range aviation, while Viktor Sokolov is a Russian admiral, who, according to the ruling, was at the time a relevant commander of the Black Sea Fleet. Both were blamed for coordinating attacks.


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