Gleisi Hoffmann says Musk’s response to the minister “inflating the extreme right by insinuating that there is censorship in Brazil” is “pathetic”

Allies of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) reacted this weekend to the escalation of the tone of Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), against the minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) Alexandre de Moraes. The businessman defies the judge’s determinations and said he is thinking about closing Twitter in Brazil.

Musk’s comments were made after American journalist Michael Schellenberger shared documents from what he called “Twitter Files” on Wednesday (April 3, 2024). According to Schellenberger, “Brazil is involved in a case of broad repression of freedom by the STF minister, Alexandre de Moraes”.

In response, government supporters came to the defense of the STF minister. The minister of Secom (Secretariat of Social Communication) said that Brazil is not a “jungle of impunity” and that the country’s sovereignty will not be protected by the power of digital platforms or by the business model of big techs. The head of the AGU (General Attorney’s Office), Jorge Messias, defended the regulation of the networks.

Below are the reactions from government officials:

  • Gleisi Hoffman (PT-PR) – president of PT and federal deputy:

  • Paulo Pimenta – minister of Secom:

  • Paulo Teixeira (Minister of Agrarian Development and Agriculture Family:

  • Ricardo Capelli – former executive secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security:

  • Jorge Messias – Attorney General of the Union:

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