Bank fraud alert system will only work on Android cell phones; there is no forecast for release in Brazil

Google will use its artificial intelligence, Gemini, to identify scam attempts in calls to Android cell phones. The system will issue an alert if the mechanism finds any unusual action during the call, such as a password request or bank transfer.

The mechanism is not expected to be launched in Brazil. According to the report cited by Google, users have already lost more than US$1 billion (R$5.2 billion) due to fraud.

A big tech announced on Tuesday (May 14) a new photo search engine, which will allow the user to find images in searches made using text. Gemini technology will also be implemented in this project.

With the Gemini Nano, Google also wants to improve virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant, Siri, from Apple, and Alexa, from Amazon. The cell phones launched by the company will receive technology.


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