In total, the company has already dismissed 50 workers who carried out an act against the company’s contract with the Israeli government

Google fired another 20 employees who spoke out against the company’s contract with the Israeli government. The 2nd round of layoffs was announced on Monday (April 22, 2024) by No Tech for Apartheid Campaign, activist group that represents workers and leads the movement. Before, the big tech had already laid off 30 people.

In a statement, the group states that the company tries “suppress dissent, silence its workers and reassert its power over them”. He also said that the dismissals were carried out because “Google values ​​its profits and its $1.2 billion contract with the Israeli government and military more than people”.

Protests against the agreement were held on April 16 at Google offices in the US cities of New York, Seattle and Sunnyvale.

They are led by No Tech for Apartheid Campaign and are related to the so-called Project Nimbus, signed by Google and Amazon in 2021 to provide cloud services to the Israeli government.

Protesters claim that Israel uses technology to harm Palestinians in the war in Gaza and that they will continue to organize until Google cancels the initiative.

The company denies the allegation. According to information from the Axiosa big tech said that the project does not involve “highly sensitive, confidential or military workloads for [o desenvolvimento] weapons or intelligence services”.

It also stated that the workers were fired after an internal investigation revealed that they were “directly involved in disruptive activities” at Google’s offices, but did not provide further details.


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