Israel rejects ceasefire agreement accepted by Hamas; Astrazeneca takes one of its covid vaccines out of circulation

In the Around the World framework, the team from Poder360 summarizes the main international facts from the last week (May 6, 2024 to May 10, 2024).

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Ceasefire in Gaza

On Monday (May 6), Hamas said it had accepted a proposal to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The extremist group agreed to the terms of the agreement brokered by Egypt and Qatar. However, Israel denied agreeing to the accepted proposal.

The Israeli government says the truce accepted by Hamas is a “softened version” of the proposal articulated with the Egyptian authorities, with which he does not agree.


On Tuesday (May 7), the BCRA (Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina) began circulating the 10,000 peso note. The monetary entity said that the note aims to facilitate local commercial flow and will be distributed gradually.

The value is equivalent to approximately R$57.56 or U$11.35. The objective would be to reduce the production cost of lower value notes, taking into account current inflation, by 287.9% in the last 12 months.


Still in Argentina, on Thursday (May 9), the CGT (General Confederation of Labor) began a general strike against President Javier Milei. The strike was in response to the super economic package proposed by the government, known as the “Bus Law”.

The protesters demand the rejection of the proposal in Congress, which is now being analyzed in the Senate. This was the 2nd general strike organized by the CGT since the beginning of Milei’s mandate, in December 2023.


On Tuesday (May 7), Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he is open to dialogue with the West. In his inauguration speech for his 5th term, he said that the choice for stability is up to the countries.

Upon assuming his 5th term in the Kremlin, Putin is expected to consolidate himself as the longest-serving Russian leader since the imperial period, which ended in 1917. The president has been in power since 1999. The current term ends in 2030.


On Wednesday (May 8), AstraZeneca began to withdraw its vaccine against Covid-19 from the market and announced that it will stop manufacturing the vaccine.

Vaxzevria, as the vaccine is called, has been the target of scrutiny because of a rare adverse effect of the vaccine.

According to the pharmaceutical company, the measure is for commercial reasons, since, according to it, there is a surplus of immunizers that have been updated for new variants of the coronavirus.


Also on Wednesday (May 8), porn actress Stormy Daniels testified in a New York court in the lawsuit against former United States President Donald Trump. The Republican is accused of fraud for omitting a payment to the actress so that she would not reveal an extramarital affair between them during the 2016 presidential campaign, won by Trump.

During his testimony, Daniels recounted an encounter with the Republican in 2006, in which he claims he passed out and woke up without clothes. According to Daniels, Trump prevented her from leaving the room they were in.


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