Speech by the French president takes place weeks before parliamentary elections are held in the country

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said this Friday (June 14, 2024) that the country is facing a moment “very serious” due to the leadership of parties of “extreme right” e “extreme left” in polls of voting intentions for Parliament. The information is from Reuters.

The speech takes place weeks before parliamentary elections are held in the country. According to a survey carried out by the French broadcaster BFM TVthe party of Macron’s main opponent, the Rassemblement National (right), has 31% of voting intentions, while the coalition of left-wing parties has 28%.

Emmanuel Macron’s party, Renaissance, comes in 3rd place in the survey, with 18% of those interviewed saying they would vote for deputies from the party.

Here is the search result:

  • National Rally (direita) – 31%;
  • Alliance of Left and Ecological Parties (left) – 28%;
  • Renaissance (centro) – 18%;
  • The Republicans (right) – 6.5%;
  • Various Left/Dissidents PS (left) – 5%;
  • Other candidates – 4.5%.

The survey was carried out from 11 to 12 June and interviewed 1,422 people from across France aged 18 and over. The margin of error is 1.1% to 3%.

The French parliamentary elections were called by Macron ahead of schedule. After his party was defeated by Le Pen’s party in the European Parliament elections, the leader dissolved the French Parliament under the justification of allowing the country’s population to choose their rulers.

The 1st round of the election will be held on June 30th, with a 2nd round scheduled for July 7th.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/franca-enfrenta-um-momento-muito-serio-diz-macron/

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