European Logo

Easy to Read made the easy-to-read logo.

If you see the logo on a document, it means that the document is easy to read and understand.

Everyone can use the logo.

You can use it on your easy-to-read document, brochure or website.
You do not have to pay for using the logo.

But you must follow some rules:

  • Your document must be written according to the rules on easy-to-read information. These rules are called the European standards for making information easy to read and understand.
  • At least 1 person with intellectual disability read your document and said it was easy to read and understand.

Below,you can see some other rules on how to use the easy-to-read logo.


Using the easy to read logo conditions

  1. People using the logo must follow the “European standards for making information easy to read and understand”.
  2. The use of this logo must be done by these following indications:
    a. Colour: Blue:
    PANTONE – 072;
    CMYK – Cyan 100%, Magenta 87%, Black 6%;
    RVB: 26-63-147;
    WEB: #333399
    b. Minimum size: 15mm
  3. One or several persons with intellectual disability whose native language is the language you are using in your publication should proofread your publication. The name of the proofreaders should appear in the brochure.
  4. You must mention the following sentence in your publications: “© European Easy-to-Read Logo: Easy to Read. More information at”.
  5. You must send us two copies of each publication. Or if there is an electronic version made available for download, you must provide us with the relevant URL.We will include one of the reference copies in our library of easy-to-read material and use the second copy to promote the publication within our membership.

Easy to Read reserves the right to withdraw the permission to use the European easy-to-read logo if the submitted publications should raise serious doubts that the easy-to-read rules were followed in their preparation.