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Israel’s indiscriminate attacks have killed 30,035 people in the Gaza Strip. The numbers were reported this Thursday (29), by the Gaza Ministry of Health. Of this number, approximately 70% of deaths are women and children.

The total number of injured reached 70,457 people in the enclave. With the constant bombers in North Gaza, the population is without health services.

Information shows that cemeteries can no longer account for the number of deaths. Therefore, many families dig graves and bury their relatives.

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The data is trusted by the UN (United Nations) and its bodies, such as the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) and the World Health Organization, and was never challenged before this war, as they are now trying to do, as the United States government.

Last October, the Gaza Ministry of Health published a list with the names, identity numbers and gender of seven thousand murdered Palestinians, in response to US inquiries. In the same month the news agency AFP certified the registration and counting procedures with the coroners in a morgue at the Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis.

Attack on humanitarian aid

This Thursday, an attack was also detected during the distribution of food and humanitarian aid. Reports indicate that Israeli soldiers opened fire when the crowd of Palestinians advanced towards the aid trucks that were entering northern Gaza. The event was recorded on Al Rashid Street.

The soldiers were supposed to mediate the delivery of aid, but they targeted the population who ran desperately in search of help. The Ministry of Health indicated that the new criminal act killed 112 people and left 760 injured. The Israeli government says the soldiers opened fire because they felt cornered.

*With international agency information


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