Antony Blinken cites “predatory economic activities” that can “undermine good governance and promote corruption”

On a trip to Tonga, in the Pacific region, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinktalked about China having a “troublesome behavior”. According to him, the Asian country practices what he called economic coercion.

“One of the things we’ve seen is that as China’s involvement in the region [do Indo-Pacífico] grew, there was, from our perspective, an increasingly problematic behavior”, he told journalists this Wednesday (July 26, 2023), quoted by Al Jazeera.

The Secretary of State declared that Beijing carries out “some predatory economic activities and also investments that are made in a way that can undermine good governance and promote corruption”.

Blinken’s trip to Tonga is the US Secretary of State’s 3rd visit to Asia-Pacific in the past 2 months. He been to China in June and last week in Indonesia. The US State Department has warned Congress that it plans a large increase in spending for facilities and staff maintenance at new US embassies in the Pacific Islands.

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