Thousands of protesters called for the prime minister’s departure in protests on Saturday (30 March)

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated this Sunday (March 31, 2024) that calling new elections in the country would affect negotiations for the release of hostages held by Hamas.

He also said that a new election would paralyze Israel for at least 6 months. “At the end, [um nova eleição] would lead to the end of the war before it achieved its objectives and the first to celebrate this would be Hamas”said the prime minister in statements to journalists in Jerusalem.

The conversation took place before Netanyahu underwent surgery to remove a hernia. It also came after thousands of protesters occupied the streets of several Israeli cities on Saturday (30 March) to call for Netanyahu’s departure from the government. They also demanded the release of hostages.

In his statements to journalists this Sunday (30 March), the Israeli prime minister also defended the continuation of the war. He reaffirmed that the Israel Defense Forces will carry out an operation in Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip. The site has become a refuge for Palestinians who have moved from other regions of the enclave since the start of the war.

“There is no victory without entering Rafah and there is no victory without eliminating the Hamas battalions [na região]. This is a fundamental part of the war aims, which also include the return of all our hostages.”he stated.


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