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The Brazilian government intervened to prevent an energy collapse in Argentina, unlocking the supply of natural gas by Petrobras. In an emergency action, Argentina hired a ship with 44 million cubic meters (m³) of liquefied gas (LNG) from Petrobras, following a sudden fuel shortage in the country, caused by unusually intense cold weather.

The energy crisis, due to the increase in demand, worsened quickly, affecting more than 300 industries and gas stations. Faced with this emergency, the Argentine government turned to Petrobras, but faced problems with the letter of credit issued by Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA), causing delays in unloading the gas.

The Argentine government activated Brazilian diplomacy to resolve the impasse. Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino contacted Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira to speed up the release of the shipment. “There was clearly a degree of urgency in the calls,” described an official involved, emphasizing the importance of a quick resolution to avoid further damage to the Argentine economy.

Normalization of supply

With the direct intervention of Brazilian and Argentine authorities, a new guarantee document was issued, allowing the release of LNG. Petrobras confirmed that the sale operation took place as agreed, and gas supply was normalized. “It was a purely commercial issue”, stated those involved, highlighting the effectiveness of diplomatic and commercial coordination between the two countries.

The normalization of supply was announced by Casa Rosada spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, generating relief in the country. “We have to know how to be grateful and recognize when things go well. The speed at which the problem with the famous letter of credit was resolved is worthy of praise,” stated Adorni.

The operation highlighted the maturity in economic-commercial relations between Brazil and Argentina, even without direct contact between presidents Lula and Milei. The joint action reinforced the importance of regional cooperation in times of crisis.

Comercial relations

The agreement between Petrobras and Enarsa, signed last month, provides for an exchange of information and coordinated actions to guarantee the supply of natural gas during the Argentine winter, without impacting supply in Brazil. This episode reinforces the importance of bilateral relations in Mercosur and the capacity of technical bodies in both countries to operate efficiently in emergency situations.

In a statement, Petrobras stated that “the LNG sales operation between Petrobras and Enarsa occurred as agreed in the contract. Both companies acted to enable the start of supply, which is already happening, in the shortest possible time.”


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