In the 1st presidential debate this Thursday (June 27), the president defended the federal legislation Roe vs. Wade, ousted in 2022; Trump defined it as “radical”

The President of the United States, Joe Biden (Democrat), said he intends to restore jurisprudence Roe vs. Wade return for a 2nd term in the White House. The statement was made during the presidential debate this Thursday (June 27, 2024), the 1st between the Democrat and former President Donald Trump (Republican) in 4 years.

Biden defended the right to abortion. She declared that the issue should be decided exclusively between women and their doctors, and classified it as “absurd” attempted interference by politicians. In contrast, Trump accused Democrats of being “radicals” on the subject. He stated that Biden would be supporting the termination of pregnancy in the final stages.

The issue of abortion rights became very relevant after the US Supreme Court overturned the case law Roe vs. Wade. The case was decided in the early 1970s and guaranteed for decades women’s legal right to abortion – a rule that is defined in each US state.

Biden has always declared himself in favor of the right to abortion. During her campaign, she used the theme to gain support from women in the electoral process. She also blamed Trump for “chaos” caused by the annulment of the court decision that guaranteed the right to the procedure in the country.

The 2022 Supreme Court decision was made with the decisive votes of three justices nominated and appointed by Trump: conservatives Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. As a result, several states have already imposed severe restrictions and banned abortion.

The Republican had previously declared that he was “strongly in favor” the right to abortion in cases such as rape, incest and life-threatening situations. In the debate this Thursday (June 27), he reinforced this position.


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