Launch takes place hours before the debate between the Democrat and the Republican this Thursday (June 27), the 1st in 4 years

The President of the United States and candidate for re-election, Joe Biden (Democrat), launched this Thursday (27.June.2024) a website criticizing the proposals of his main opponent, former president Donald Trump (Republican). The publication takes place hours before the debate between the 2 on CNN.

The page criticizes the Project 2025, collection of proposals for a government transition with the possible election of Trump. The platform lists campaign points that Biden considers will make the businessman “destroy democratic checks and balances and consolidate power” case back to Casa Branca.

“Where did Project 2025 come from? The highest levels of the Trump Maga elite wrote Project 2025 as a blueprint for Trump to implement if he wins a 2nd term. This same group of advisors and allies made Trump adopt most of his agenda in 2017 but this time his Project 2025 agenda is even more extreme and delves into nearly every aspect of Americans’ daily lives.”says the website.


Reproduction – 27.Jun.2024


Search of the YouGov/Economist conducted from June 23 to 25 shows a tie in voting intentions between Biden and Trump. According to the survey, 42% of American voters plan to vote for both candidates

This tie in the poll comes at a time when Biden and Trump will face each other in a debate for the first time in 4 years, this Thursday (June 27). The clash is a repeat of the 2020 dispute. It starts at 10 pm (Brasília time) and will be broadcast live on CNN No brazil.

Debates in North American elections are generally held closer to the dispute (which will be on November 5). This time, the meeting will be held without Trump and Biden having yet been officially nominated as candidates by their parties. The national conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties are scheduled for July and August, respectively. The debate on Thursday night (June 27) is scheduled to last an hour and a half (90 minutes) and will include 2 commercial breaks.

Biden enters the presidential debate without a clear advantage over his opponent, with polls indicating a technical tie in several decisive states — the so-called “swing states”. This could lead the Democrat to take advantage of the spotlight to adopt a more aggressive stance against Trump, especially after the Republican’s conviction on 34 criminal charges in New York on May 30, becoming the first US president in history to be convicted by the common courts.

Even with the tie between the presidents, Trump does not enjoy wide favoritism less than 6 months before the rematch against Biden at the polls. This is because, after the election, he was involved in several controversies, damaging his image before the electorate.


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