In an interview with ABC News, the US president says he feels fine, despite having a hoarse voice, and is asked about his cognitive ability

After a poor debate performance against Donald Trump, US President Joe Biden claimed to be the “more qualified” to beat the Republican and said he will not give up the presidential race. The speech was made in an interview with ABC Newswhich aired this Friday (5.Jul.2024).

Despite repeatedly claiming to be in good physical and mental shape, when asked by interviewer George Stephanopoulos if he would agree to undergo an independent test to attest to his cognitive ability, the Democrat responded negatively. He said he had already undergone the procedure. “every day” in the White House, while exercising his duties as Chief Executive.

At another point, the interviewer asked: “If your allies, friends and supporters tell you with confidence that they are concerned that you will lose the House and Senate if you remain in office, what will you do?”

Biden replied: “I’m not going to answer that question. It’s not going to happen.”.

During the interview, the American also played down his poor performance in the debate and stated that it was just “a bad night”. The Democrat attributed his performance to exhaustion. He also said he had not fully recovered from the flu.

“I was very sick. I asked the doctors who were with me [em Camp David] take a covid-19 test to try to find out what was wrong”he declared.

In short, the interview was used by Biden to reaffirm that he remains a candidate and that he feels capable of winning the election and staying in the White House for another 4 years. It was his big bet to try to erase the bad impression left in the debate with Trump.

Performance in conversation with the ABC News was better than in the debate, but Biden did not have the vigor seen when he was a candidate in 2020. The reaction of the leaders of the Democratic Party, especially those who hold office in the House and Senate, in the coming days will be crucial for the current American president to stay in the electoral race.

Additionally, Biden’s interview with ABC News It was recorded, unlike the debate with Donald Trump, which does not allow us to assess the Democrat’s real condition. The fact is: Biden is 81 years old and has been showing weaknesses when pressured. He stutters, rambles and seems to have difficulty completing his arguments. He will be 86 at the end of his second term, if he is reelected in November.


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