North American president, the oldest in US history, preferred to highlight achievements during his term in the White House

US President Joe Biden (Democrat), who will turn 82 in November, avoided going into detail about his ability to serve a second term in the White House during the first debate of the 2024 presidential race, hosted by CNN. The Democrat preferred to highlight his achievements as president in order to show that he is fit to continue in office.

Biden mentioned that he was once the youngest politician and is now the oldest in US history. If re-elected, he would finish his term at age 86.

Former President Donald Trump (Republican) once again questioned Biden’s ability to govern because of his age (81 years old) and recalled the cognitive tests he took as president, challenging Biden to do the same. “I took 2 cognitive tests and did very well” said the Republican, who is 78 years old, without specifying which tests he took.

“I just won 2 club championships [de golfe], not even in the senior category. To do this, you need to be very smart and hit the ball far.”continued.

During the debate, Trump repeatedly claimed that the president was “unable” to participate in the event. There are video records of several embarrassing situations in which Biden stumbles, shows weakness or even memory lapses. Recent report from Wall Street Journal interviewed dozens of people and reports that the country’s president often dozes off during meetings.


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