According to the Reuters news agency, at least 58 people died after a boat with migrants sank in the Mediterranean Sea early this Sunday (26). The bodies were found on the southern coast of Italy. The information was passed by the Italian Coast Guard.

Eighty people survived, 20 of them are hospitalized, one in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), in serious condition. One person was arrested, accused of being responsible for trafficking in immigrants.

In an interview with SKYTG24 channel, from Italy, Antonio Ceraso, mayor of Cutro, Italian municipality in Calabria, where the bodies were found, regretted the episode. “It’s a sight you’d never want to see in your life, a horrific sight, one that stays with you all your life.”

The Turkish-flagged vessel left Izmir, in eastern Turkey, three or four days ago, according to Ceraso. Italian authorities say the migrants are from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Somalia.

Editing: Thales Schmidt


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