Like the rest of China, the city has imposed strict containment measures on covid; GDP fell 3.5% in 2022

Hong Kong announced this Tuesday (28.Feb.2023) that it will end the mandatory use of individual protection masks against covid from Wednesday (1st.Mar). The measure was imposed in July 2020 and has been in effect on the island for a record 945 days.

We think this is the best time to make that decision. It’s a clear message to show that Hong Kong is returning to normal.”, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said in an interview with reporters. “We will focus on our economy and the development of the city this year and next, after the return to normality”, he completed.

Thus, residents of the territory will no longer be required to wear masks outdoors, indoors and on public transport. However, the item will still be required in hospitals and recommended in nursing homes.

The objective of the local administration is to attract companies and tourists again. The mandatory use of a mask was imposed in July 2020. Those who did not comply, had to pay 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (R$ 3313.76 at the current exchange rate).

Like the rest of China, Hong Kong has imposed strict rules to control the pandemic. It prohibited the entry of tourists and demanded a 3-week quarantine for anyone arriving from abroad. Only in December 2022 did it begin to relax its measures. The city’s GDP (gross domestic product) dropped by 3.5% last year.


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