The Argentine government sent, this Wednesday (19), to Itamaraty a list of 62 Brazilians who fled to the country with outstanding arrest warrants for the coup acts of January 8. According to the report, 13 of the fugitives have already left Argentina and one was refused entry.

The movement comes after the Casa Rosada was pressured by the Planalto and questioned by journalists at a press conference by President Javier Milei’s spokesman, Manuel Adorni.

The PF (Federal Police) estimates that there are more than 180 fugitives spread across Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the document and forwarded it to the Federal Supreme Court (STF), last Tuesday (18). The STF had asked Itamaraty to consult the Argentine government.

Most of the coup plotters did not pass through the migration barriers, although some requested refuge from the Argentine government.

With the data collected by the Argentines, the process of requesting the extradition of these fugitives by the Brazilian authorities begins. The request must be made by the PF.

There were doubts about how the far-right government would behave in the face of a request for collaboration, since the defenses of those investigated and convicted claim that there is political persecution in Brazil.

The Argentine government denied that there was an “impunity pact” between Milei and former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to guarantee political asylum to Brazilians investigated by 8 de Janeiro.

“We clearly do not enter into an impunity pact with absolutely anyone. You referred to Bolsonaro, no, we do not make impunity pacts, nor will we ever do so with anyone. And on the other hand, it is effectively a judicial matter. Justice will take the corresponding measures when the time comes to take them and we will respect them as we respect every judicial decision”, replied the spokesperson when questioned by a journalist during a press conference.


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