Joint Declaration of the Amazon Summit defends financing for sustainable development and security actions

In the Declaration of Belém, released this Tuesday (8.Aug.2023) at the Amazon Summit, the Amazonian countries agreed to reach zero deforestation in the forest by 2030 and to create financial mechanisms to encourage sustainable development. They also decided to establish systems to provide greater security for the region, such as air traffic control and the use of an international police cooperation center set up by the Brazilian government in Manaus (AM).

With 113 points, the document, however, ignored the debate on oil exploration in the Amazon or in nearby regions, following the position of members of the Brazilian government. It was expected that the text would not address the subject. Read the full Declaration of Bethlehem.

like the Poder360 revealed, the impasse between Petrobras and Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) in research for oil extraction in the region was not addressed at the meeting with ministers Marina Silva (Environment) and Mauro Vieira (Foreign Relations) this 3rd (8.Aug).

The group’s priority goes beyond the theme, which is not a consensus among nations. Issues such as cooperation against deforestation, water protection and the financing of forest protection actions were the main focuses of the ministers at the 2nd (7.Aug).

According to Itamaraty, the document was prepared based on a Brazilian proposal and signed by the 8 countries that have parts of the forest in their territories:

  • Brazil;
  • Bolivia;
  • Colombia;
  • Ecuador;
  • Guiana;
  • Peru;
  • Suriname;
  • Venezuela.

According to the statement, the financing of sustainable proposals should highlight the Green Coalition, formed by development banks in the region, but may rely on resources from other financial institutions.

As for the commitment to the drastic reduction of deforestation, the countries will launch the Amazon Alliance to Combat Deforestation, based on national goals, such as the one established by Brazil to reach zero by 2030.

In the document, the countries also agree with the creation of an integrated air traffic control system to combat drug trafficking and illegal mining. Brazil also offered neighboring countries the use of the International Police Cooperation Center, located in Manaus (AM).

The group of countries also intends to strengthen ACTO (Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization), which will undergo revision. One of the points to be improved will be the creation of a financial mechanism to capture and capitalize non-reimbursable resources.


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