Protesters, who were protesting against a law that would increase taxes, attempted to invade the country’s parliament

At least 5 people died in Kenya during a clash between police and demonstrators protesting against a bill that suggests raising taxes. The acts, carried out in the capital Nairobi this Thursday (June 25, 2024), resulted in attempts to invade the country’s parliament.

Police used tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets against protesters. In addition to the events in Nairobi, the demonstrations spread to several cities and towns across the country.

During a meeting with journalists, President William Ruto condemned the infiltration of ‘criminals’ into peaceful demonstrations. He further stated that the safety of citizens is the government’s priority.

The president promised that the authorities will react to the events, but did not detail what measures will be taken. “The government has mobilized all available resources to ensure that a situation of this nature does not happen again“, declared Ruto.

Kenyan Defense Minister Aden Duale confirmed that the Army was mobilized to help contain the violence resulting from the protests. He defined the consequences of actions as “destruction and violation of critical infrastructure”.

According to the Kenya Medical Association, at least 31 people were injured during the conflict. In a statement, the institution asked the government to protect health professionals who help the injured.


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