A similar maneuver was carried out by the USA, the United Kingdom and France in defense of Israel against an Iranian attack

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suggested that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) use its military planes to shoot down Russian missiles on Ukrainian territory. A similar maneuver was recently carried out by the USA, the United Kingdom and France to block Iranian attacks on Israel.

The aviation of France, Germany, Poland or Great Britain, no matter the country, could use their planes, taking off from the territory of their own countries, to shoot down Russian missiles”, said Zelensky in an interview with Brazilian journalists.

I’m not talking about using them [os aviões] in our airspace. If these planes take off from the territory of neighboring countries to shoot down rockets targeting Ukraine, then we should let them do so”, explained the Ukrainian leader.

According to Zelensky, if this happens, he will give a standing ovation and be grateful. “Because that means the same rules for all allies, no double standards. If we receive such a proposal, then why not?”, he added in reference to aid to Israel.

On April 13, Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles against Israeli territory. According to the Israel Defense Forces, 99% of them were intercepted with the collaboration of the USA, the United Kingdom and France.

NATO has positioned itself as Kiev’s ally since the start of the war against the Russians, but has avoided a direct clash with Moscow, at the risk of escalating the conflict.

Zelensky said, however, that the entry of soldiers from the military alliance into Ukrainian territory to fight against Russian forces is not under discussion. But he asked that training missions and equipment repairs be carried out by NATO in his country, which would make the processes faster and cheaper.

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