Marina Silva, Alexandre Silveira and Nísia Trindade are part of the Brazilian delegation at the World Economic Forum

The ministers Marina Silva (Environment), Alexandre Silveira (Mines and Energy) and Nísia Trindade (Health) participated this Tuesday morning (16 January 2024) and defended more investments in renewable energy and the country’s leadership in the energy transition. They participated in panel no 54th World Economic Forum 2024, in Davos, Switzerland.

Marina Silva stated that the world needs to accelerate investments in renewable energy to combat the effects of climate change. According to her, environmental policy became a transversal policy in the 1st year of the 3rd term of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“From COP28 [Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre as Mudanças Climáticas de 2023], we have made a courageous decision to put the transition to the end of the use of fossil fuels on the agenda. This means putting our foot on the renewable energy accelerator, which will have to be tripled, with robust investments”, said the Minister of the Environment.

Silveira stated that Brazil is the great leader of the world’s energy transition and that the Lula government wants to make this transition a “fair and inclusive”. He stated that the focus is to increase the production of wind and solar energy, so that the country remains a “barn” of clean alternative energies.

“The G20 [grupo com as 20 maiores economias mundiais] It will be a great opportunity in Brazil for the energy transition to be seen by the world as a transition that takes into account the global economy, the issue of combating inequality”stated and added that the country “advances like no one else” in the decarbonization of energy matrices.

Nísia Trindade said that the Ministry of Health needs to help combat climate change: “We normally see health in those aspects of climate, environmental and social issues, but our understanding is that health needs to participate in the mitigation and adaptation effort and that it has a very strong role in the transformation to a new model”, these.


The ministers participated in the panel “The Sustainable Transformation of Brazil”, at the 54th World Economic Forum in 2024. They integram a reduced Brazilian delegation year event. Lula and Minister Fernando Haddad (Finance) chose not to attend.


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