Vaquinha aims to pay off debts and pay for the journalist’s health treatments, according to his wife, Stella Assange

WikiLeaks, a non-profit information organization founded by Julian Assange, released this Friday (June 28, 2024) a virtual piggy bank to raise £520,000 (around R$2.9 million) to help the journalist, who left prison on Monday (24 June).

According to the publication on the Crowdfunder website, the money will be used to pay for the private flight that took Assange from the United Kingdom to Australia, his home country. As of early afternoon this Saturday (June 29, 2024), the fundraiser had already reached 91% of its goal, with £473,415 raised.

The journalist’s wife, Stella Assange, said that her husband He was prevented from traveling on commercial flights and, therefore, had to charter a plane to attend the hearings. “He was not allowed to fly on commercial airlines or routes to Saipan and then on to Australia.”, he justified.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Wikileaks also claims that Assange’s health has deteriorated after spending 14 years in prison.After 14 years in detention, including 5 years in a maximum security prison, Julian’s health is in dire condition and needs recovery. Please help if you can”, says the publication on X.

The WikiLeaks founder had been imprisoned in London since 2019, in a high-security Belmarsh prison. He also spent 7 years sheltered in the Ecuadorian embassy. This week, Assange traveled from London to the Northern Mariana Islands, where he was tried in a court on Saipan and declared guilty of one of the crimes he was accused of. After the end of the trial, Julian Assange landed in Canberra, capital of Australia, this Wednesday (26th June).

“URGENT: Emergency appeal for donations to cover the jet’s huge $520,000 debt. Julian’s journey to freedom comes at a huge cost: Julian will owe $520,000, which he is required to pay to the Australian government for the charter flight VJ199.”Stella published on her profile on Instagram and no X (ex-Twitter).

The wife of the founder of WikiLeaks asked for the collaboration of her followers to pay off the debt, stating that any amount would be welcome.


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