According to the “Reuters” agency, aspartame, used to artificially sweeten products, should enter the risk list in July

The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, its acronym in English), arm of the WHO (World Health Organization), will classify one of the most common artificial sweeteners in the world as a potential carcinogen. The information is from the agency Reuterswho spoke with people connected to the organization.

Aspartame is used in products such as Coca-Cola Zero and in Mars brand gum. according to Reuters, the decision was taken after a meeting of external experts. The group is responsible for assessing whether a substance poses a potential hazard based on all published evidence.

The classification does not say how much can be safely ingested. This information belongs to JECFAthe international committee of scientific experts jointly managed by the UN (United Nations) and the WHO.

According to the ReutersJECFA is also analyzing the consequences of using aspartame and is expected to announce its conclusions on the same day that the IARC makes the classification public: 14 July.

An IARC spokesman said details of the case were confidential. He stated that the findings represent “the 1st fundamental step to understand carcinogenicity” of the sweetener.

The secretary general of the ISA (International Sweeteners Association), Frances Hunt-Wood, told the agency that she has “serious concerns about the IARC review” and that the change “can mislead consumers”. Coca-Cola is one of those associated with the organ.

IARC is not a food safety body and its review of aspartame is not scientifically comprehensive and is largely based on discredited research.”, said the secretary.


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