The US president spoke after the NATO summit and said that the Ukrainian people remain “intact”

After the 2nd day of the NATO summit (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the president of the United States, Joe Biden, spoke at the University of Vilnius, in Lithuania. He said this Wednesday (12.Jul.2023) that the alliance between the North American country and Ukraine will remain.

“We will not give up”, declared Biden. He further said that the war must end in “fair terms”but without allowing Russia to use force to take territory.

Biden mentioned the meeting he had with Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky during the summit and spoke about the promise the G7 made to help the country rebuild its economy and infrastructure, as well as defend itself against Russia’s armed forces.

The US president also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin. “He was betting that NATO would disintegrate. He thought the democratic leaders were going to be weak. But he thought wrongthese.

Biden further claimed that Zelensky sought “intense diplomacy with Russia”but who, when the bombs began to fall, did not hesitate to act and rallied the whole world to support the people of Ukraine “while they defend their freedom and their sovereignty with incredible dignity”.

The American ended his speech by saying that, after almost 1 year and a half of war, the Ukrainian people remain “intact”even in the face of all “terrible atrocities, including crimes against humanity”.


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