Mario Fishbein, uncle of one of the hostages killed by Hamas, said that the military ground operation in Gaza is losing popular support

Brazilian resident in Israel Mario Fishbein, uncle of one of the people kidnapped and killed by Hamas, assessed that the war in the Middle East should not have such a close outcome.

According to him, the issue comes from an assessment by the Israeli government itself about the effectiveness of its operation to “destroy” the organization Palestinian extremist. Fishbein highlights that the mission is complex, as the group’s militants hide in extensive networks of tunnels and bunkers while exposing the Palestinian population to frequent bombings from Tel Aviv in the Gaza Strip.

“They use the population as a human shield while they protect themselves under hospitals, under schools, under public UN buildings“, he stated in an interview with Poder360. “I don’t think [a guerra] will finish very soonhe completed.

Fishbein is 66 years old, a tour guide and lives in Netanya, a city located 30 km north of Tel Aviv. He was the uncle of Celeste Fishbein Zaaror, an Israeli taken hostage by the Palestinian extremist group during the invasion of the south of the country that triggered the conflict, on October 7. She was 18 years old. Her death was confirmed on October 17, 10 days after she disappeared.

“There is not a person in Israel who does not have an acquaintance, a friend, a family member who has not been injured, murdered or affected by the terrorist attacks”he lamented.

Fishbein assessed, however, that support for the land incursion into Gaza, as planned by the Israel Defense Forces, has been declining among Israelis since the start of the conflict. “The government had much greater support for this operation at the beginning due to the terrorist attack. Now it is decreasing. And the more time passes, the more you imagine what Hamas is preparing.”

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According to the Brazilian, life in his city has remained unchanged since the start of the war, with the water supply, electricity working and supermarkets open and stocked. Despite there being no curfew, however, schools and universities across the country have been closed for 3 weeks.

However, Fishbein criticized the lack of support from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, which he defined as “a total failure”.

“The Israeli government does not offer any support. Not just to us: to anyone […] The rating for the government – ​​without getting into politics, just considering its actions – before and after this crisis is zero. Nothing more than that. If I could give a score lower than zero, I would.”he stated.



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