Inconvenient words may come from the wisest prophets, but anyone learns to control themselves; read the chronicle of Voltaire de Souza

Sex. Choice. Desire.

Everyone is free from the waist down.

But homosexuality continues to trouble some sectors of the Catholic Church.

A speech by Pope Francis causes shock not gay world.

Catholic seminaries are full of fagots.

Sometimes the truth hurts more than a suppository.

In the parish of Santa Ismália, Father Pelozzi tried to sugarcoat the pill.

Haha… afinale… viadaggia… word cute.


Viadaggia, bogliolaggia, sacanaggia… all the same thing.

He scratched his shin.

What’s wrong with all this?

Blessed Maria da Penha was curious.

But, Father… in seminaries… does this happen?

Pelozzi’s mind traveled through time.

Outskirts of Bologna. Early 1960s.

How much poverty. God dammit.

In fact.

For many young people without resources, becoming a priest was a solution.

–And it’s not ringworm or sexual abuse.

–Really, Father? The teachers, the older priests…

–What does he have?

–They didn’t… uh… come like this… kind of… uh… closer…?

–From pertigno? But what is relevant?

Maria da Penha thought it best not to insist.

Father Pelozzi shook his head.

–This whole journey will come later.

The fault, according to the priest, was cinema and television.

–With television, seminarians lost their shame.

He made the sign of the cross.

–Brazilian soap opera. And it gets even worse.

Pelozzi’s face took on a stern tone.

–Os traveccone from Brazil. Chegaro starts to demoralize.

Dark-skinned transvestites are apparently successful in the land of spaghetti.

But, in the end, it was necessary to have a tolerant view of the issue.

–It’s like everything, my daughter. Over time it becomes customary.

–But isn’t it bad for the Pope to talk about fagotism, Father?

–Talking is easy and… it’s doing it that’s the problem.

Next to the sacristy, the image of Saint Sebastian raised his eyes to the sky.

A final solution occurred to Pelozzi.

–And the seminarian who begins to fuck with assigned corn…

The priest gestured towards the saint.

–Amarra ele in the trunk. What that doesn’t know.

Inconvenient words can come from the wisest prophets.

But in the end anyone learns to control themselves.


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