Cell phones are a reality, but there are always those who like to hit the same button; read the chronicle of Voltaire de Souza

Addiction. Dependency. Addiction.

Cell phone use threatens the health of children’s minds.

In some countries, severe measures are emerging.

The phone doesn’t come into the school.

Messages, no way.

And the United States wants to ban TikTok.

The dr. Mara Amélia totally agreed.

Curb. Urgently.

She was an experienced psychoanalyst and pedagogue.

I have been serving children and adolescents for over 50 years.

Journalist Giuliana Bugiardi conducted the interview.

And do you notice, over time, a change in the behavior of teenagers?

Clear. They want everything handed to them. Everything easy.

In this sense, the cell phone replaces other old ways of having pleasure at your fingertips.

Addictive. Its make bad.

In what sense, doctor?

It stays there in the pocket… and the child takes it at any time.

And pay less attention in class?

Evident. And that’s not all.

The dr. Mara Amélia scratched her pearl necklace.

Psychological dependence. And chemistry.

Chemistry too, teacher?

She counted on her fingers.

Sugar. Gum Arabic. Cyclamates.

Giuliana tried to understand.

We should go back to traditional toys, shouldn’t we, teacher?

Now it was the psychologist who needed more explanations.

For example…?

Wow… tag… circanda… ring pass.

Clear. But the chemical thing about sugar is fundamental.

Like this?

More fruit. Vegetables. Carrot. Celery. Banana.

Where is Tiktok?

Clear. And all these ultra-processed candies.

Producer José Carlos decided to intervene in the interview.

Stop it, Giuliana.


This teacher is stuttering.

It was then that Giuliana clarified the mystery.

Oh. Are you talking about tik-tak?

In different flavors, the candies are a hit among kids.

Yes. Tik-tak, Dulcora drops, Dizioli dice.

But I wanted to know about TikTok.

There is? What is that?

The pedagogue was not sufficiently updated.

These electronics things, frankly…

She put her glasses in her alligator leather bag.

But it doesn’t matter. That’s what I say.

She took a deep breath.

Dictation, handwriting… and apple on the teacher’s desk.

Times change. Technology advances.

Cell phones are a reality.

But there are always those who like to hit the same chord.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/opiniao/o-tiktok-e-um-perigo/

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