Gianni Infantino told “Reuters” that a group of players will suggest stricter punishments for discrimination

The president of Fifa (International Football Federation), Gianni Infantino, said that Brazilian striker Vinícius Jr. will head an anti-racism committee that will be created by the organization. The statements, published on Thursday (15.jun.2023), were given in an interview with the news agency Reuters.

Infantino did not give details on when the commission will be installed. He said he had already met with Vini Jr. and with the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) to debate the creation. The group will be formed by soccer players.

According to the president, players will be able to suggest stricter punishments for discriminatory and racist behavior.

Infantino also said FIFA would pursue legal action against instances of racism in games. “There will be no more football with racism. Games must be stopped immediately when this happens. Enough”these.

The initiative will take place after Vini Jr. suffered racist attacks during a match between Real Madrid and Valencia, valid for the Spanish Championship, on May 21.

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