Venezuela confirmed this Friday (12) that it had a meeting with representatives of the United States government to address American interference in internal issues. The main one, the 2024 elections. At the meeting, the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again said that it rejects North American interference in internal issues in the South American country.

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The meeting was held on April 9 in Mexico City. In a statement, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said it had passed on to the US representatives the agreement signed in Doha on the suspension of sanctions and migration issues. Caracas said during the meeting that the US is not complying with what was agreed and stated that Venezuelan representatives were “emphatic” in rejecting interference “in internal affairs”.

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Also according to the statement, Venezuela denounced the “violent actions that extremist groups plan and execute” in the country with the support of foreign agencies and said that Venezuelans are “unanimous” in calling for the end of economic sanctions. Caracas claims that the blockade affects the full right to life and the UN charter.

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The document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ends by stating that it insists on dialogue with other countries, respecting sovereignty and laws.

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US threat

The meeting of delegations from the two countries takes place at a time of threats from the US government to resume sanctions. In October, after the agreement signed in Barbados between the government and the opposition that defined initial guidelines for the 2024 elections, the United States suspended a series of sanctions based on licenses. The most important of these is license 44, which temporarily lifts the blockade on the oil sector.

This license expires on April 18 and, since the Venezuelan court confirmed the disqualification of the ultra-liberal María Corina Machado, the US has resumed sanctions against sectors that are not strategic for Venezuela and has threatened to resume measures against oil companies.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller even said that the country began reviewing relief to Venezuela after the announcement by Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice. He also stated that relief for the oil and gas sector in Venezuela will only be renewed in April if the Venezuelan government “complies with its agreements”.

Elections in Venezuela are scheduled for July 28. The date complies with what had been defined in the agreement signed in Barbados, which determined that the election would be held in the second half of the year. According to the document, the Court would review the disqualifications that were requested.

In December, María Corina Machado asked the TSJ to analyze the impossibility of her running. At the end of January, the court published its decision, confirming a 15-year suspension due to inconsistencies in the declaration of assets while she was a deputy.

Editing: Lucas Estanislau


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