A USP (University of São Paulo) lost its position as the best university in Latin America to UBA (University of Buenos Aires), Argentina. On the global stage, the Argentine institution is in 71st place and the São Paulo institution is in 92nd place. You data are from QS World.

The 3rd best Latin American university is UC (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), which is in 93rd position in the ranking global. 4th place in the region goes to Unam (National Autonomous University of Mexico), which is in 94th place worldwide. These 4 are the only Latin American universities in top 100.

The best university in the world is the WITH (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), USA. In 2nd place comes Imperial College London, from the United Kingdom. 3rd place goes to the University of Oxford, also in the United Kingdom.

Do top 10 best universities in the world, 4 are North American, 5 are European and one is Asian.


5.jun.2024 (7h55) – Unlike what was published in the infographic of this post, Stanford University is from the United States and not the United Kingdom. The infograph has been corrected and the post updated.

5.jun.2024 (10h57) – Contrary to what had been published, among the best universities in the world there are 4 in the USA (not 3) and 5 in Europe (not 6). The text has been corrected and updated.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/educacao/usp-perde-posto-de-melhor-universidade-da-america-latina/

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