The United States’ veto of a draft UN Security Council resolution, which demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, gives “the green light” for Israel to carry out “more massacres” in the territory, Hamas said on Tuesday. (20).

“The American position gives the green light to the occupation [israelense] to commit more massacres (…) This will only increase the suffering of our people”, says a statement released by the Palestinian movement.

This is the third time that the United States, Israel’s main political and military ally, has vetoed a ceasefire proposal in the UN Security Council, which in addition to the veto had 13 votes in favor and the United Kingdom abstaining.

Resolutions must be approved by all permanent members of the Council (China, USA, France, United Kingdom and Russia), who have veto power in votes.

11 days after the start of the conflict, the US vetoed a text presented by Brazil that requested the opening of humanitarian corridors in Gaza, called for pauses in the war to assist civilians and the resumption of essential services.

Presented by Algeria, the text vetoed this Tuesday demanded “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire that must be respected by all parties”. The text also opposed the “forced displacement of the Palestinian civilian population”.

The vote took place as Israel prepares for an offensive on the city of Rafah, the last city in the Gaza Strip that has not been invaded by ground troops and where 1.4 million people are taking refuge.

The UN bloc of countries known as the Arab Group reiterated its support for the Algerian project ahead of Tuesday’s vote. “No excuse can justify the inaction of the Security Council and all efforts must converge to stop the slaughter taking place in Gaza “, declared the group.

The UN Security Council has only managed to approve two resolutions in this regard since October 7, essentially humanitarian and without major results, as the flow of aid to Gaza continues to be insufficient.

“We cannot support a resolution that would jeopardize delicate negotiations” to reach a truce, declared the United States Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, at the same time that she defended an alternative draft drafted by her country, to which the agency AFP news channel had access.

Although the text includes the word “ceasefire” – which the United States previously avoided, vetoing two bills in October and December that used the term – it does not call for an immediate end to hostilities. The alternative text proposed by the US refers to a “temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible” based on a “formula” for the release of all hostages.

It also expresses its concern about Rafah, warning that there should not be “a major ground offensive” under “current circumstances” as it would “result in further damage to the civilian population and further displacement.”

*With AFP

Editing: Lucas Estanislau


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