Military assistance is estimated at over $2 billion; The government is expected to make an official announcement this week.

The United States plans to send a military aid package of more than US$ 2 billion (R$ 10.1 billion in this Wednesday’s quotation) to Ukraine with weapons that include, for the first time, long-range rockets. The information is from the news agency Reuters.

The US government has not yet commented on the matter, but the expectation is that the announcement will be made officially later this week. It is also expected that equipment from the American-made Patriot anti-aircraft defense system will be included, capable of neutralize air strikes from missiles, planes and other weapons.

According to sources heard by the Reuters, most of the package (about US$1.7 billion, or R$8.7 billion) would come from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, an agency linked to the US Department of Defense.

The resources would be destined to the purchase of GLSDB rockets (Small Diameter Bomb Fired from the Ground), which are guided by GPS and have a range of up to 150 km. The armament adapts to different weather conditions and can be used against armored vehicles. It is manufactured by Boeing.

The Ukrainian government had requested the purchase of a model that could reach up to 297 km, but the request was denied by the US.

The remainder of the package will be used for the acquisition of other military equipment, such as anti-drone and counter-artillery defense systems, as well as air monitoring radars and Puma drones.

At the end of last month, Germany and Spain also announced military aid to the neighboring country. The 2 nations decided to send Leopard 2 war tanks, advanced model of ground combat, after months of hesitation.

The last pack of US help to Ukraine was announced on December 21 of last year, when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with US officials and President Joe Biden on his 1st international trip since the beginning of the conflict, in February 2022.

At the time, another US$ 1.85 billion (R$ 9.6 billion at the December 21 quotation) was earmarked. Of the total, $850 million came from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the United States has already sent more than US$ 27.2 billion in financial and military aid to the Eastern European country.


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