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The US House of Representatives approved, this Wednesday (13), the formalization of the opening of the impeachment process of President Joe Biden. Despite the ineffective appearance, the launch of a formal investigation is yet another defeat for the Democrat in recent weeks.

The impeachment inquiry had been launched in September, by the then President of the House, Republican Kevin McCarthy. Deputies approved the measure with 221 votes in favor and 212 against.

The House of Representatives has a Republican majority, unlike the Senate, which has 51 Democratic seats and 49 Republican seats. Even if the House votes to impeach the president, the Senate will then have to vote to convict him of the charges by a two-thirds vote, which eliminates any more pre-eminent risk for the Biden administration.

Since September, three House committees have led investigations into cases of corruption linked to Joe Biden, but have not yet found any irregularities. As the measure had not passed in plenary, the government had been refusing to collaborate with the investigations.

The investigations are investigating whether Biden is involved in his son Hunter’s suspicious dealings with foreign companies. The suspicion is that Hunter would have used his father’s name while he was vice president, with his consent, to obtain financial advantages.

According to Trump supporters, Biden and his family profited from his actions as President Barack Obama’s vice president, from 2009 to 2017, and which focused on his son’s business ventures in Ukraine and China.

The White House has said the inquiry is baseless and politically motivated as Biden is preparing to run in the 2024 elections with his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. In a statement, he chided House Republicans for not prioritizing America’s problems but striving to destabilize it.

“House Republicans are not joining me. Instead of doing anything to help improve the lives of Americans, they are focused on attacking me with lies,” Biden said.

Recently, President Joe Biden has been suffering a series of setbacks that call into question his candidacy for the presidency in 2024. New electoral research released last Saturday (9) reveals that former President Donald Trump has the majority of voting intentions for the next presidential race.

In a choice between Trump and Biden, 47% of registered voters in the US say they support Trump and 43% would vote for Biden, with 10% undecided.

For analysts, the result is a signal to Casa Braca about the unpopularity of the Israeli leadership, especially among younger voters. Three recently released polls showed that voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Biden had also been governing through budget concessions from the US Congress. To avoid a management paralysis, until October, parliamentarians released funds in drops.


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