At an event with the Jewish community at the Capitol, Biden deepened his tone when commenting on the pro-Palestinian protests at universities

At an event organized by United States Holocaust Memorial Museum This Tuesday (May 7, 2024), President Joe Biden committed to ensuring the safety of the Jewish people in the country. In his speech, the Democrat reinforced the North American government’s commitment to Israel.

With 3 weeks of protests at US universities, Biden warned of the “great wave of anti-Semitism” not country.

At the same event, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights announced that it will send a primer with measures to prevent anti-Semitism in schools and universities. To the Jewish community, Biden criticized the episodes of violence in the protests. “We are not a lawless country. We are a civil society”he declared.

The president held the extremist group Hamas responsible for what he defined as “the greatest act of aggression against Jews after the Holocaust”. He cited the Israeli hostages and recalled the 1,200 killed in the attacks since October 7, 2023. “I haven’t forgotten, nor have you. And we will not forget”these.


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