The body’s Security Council will meet on Friday (June 2) to discuss an attempt to launch a spy satellite

The United States has called a meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday (June 2, 2023) to discuss North Korea’s attempt to launch a satellite this week, said the spokesman for the US mission to the United Nations. United on this 5th (June 1st). The information is from Reuters.

The 4th (May 31) launch was an attempt by North Korea to put its first spy satellite into space. The object, however, failed and fell into the sea.

A spokesman for the National Aerospace Development Administration said the failure was due to the “low reliability and stability of the new engine system applied to the Chollima-1 and the unstable nature of the fuel used”.

In response, the US condemned “strongly” the release. In note (full, in English – 41 KB) Adam Hodge, spokesman for the National Security Council, warned that the action will increase tensions in the region. According to him, the satellite uses ballistic missile technology, “which is a blatant violation of several UN Security Council resolutions.”.


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