Initiative aims to increase transparency in electoral advertisements on television and radio in the United States

The president of the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission), Jessica Rosenworcel, recommended the use of warnings about the use of artificial intelligence in television advertisements. The proposal aims to increase transparency in political advertisements during elections in the United States.

The suggestion was made during an oversight hearing by the US Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee this Wednesday (May 22, 2024). Here is the full statement from the agency (PDF – 116kB, in English).

In addition to television, the new rule would require the identification of content created by artificial intelligence in political advertisements broadcast on radio. According to the FCC president, the proposal does not aim to ban the use of AI, but to ensure that voters are fully informed about the use of this technology.

“As artificial intelligence tools become more accessible, the commission wants to ensure that consumers are fully informed when the technology is used”he declared.

In a statement, Rosenworcel also cited concerns about the use of “deep fakes” produced by AI in political ads, and that using artificial intelligence warnings would reduce the amount of “deep fakes” that could mislead voters.

In January 2024, an election ad imitating President Joe Biden’s voice attempted to sway voters in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. The FCC, in response, declared that advertisements using AI voices are illegal.

Despite recommending warnings about the use of AI in advertisements played on television and radio, the Federal Communications Commission does not have authority over advertisements on the internet or social media.


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