Rate has remained at the same level since August 2023; annual inflation was 3.2% in March

The Bank of England announced this Thursday (May 9, 2024) the maintenance of UK interest rates at 5.25%. The rate has remained at the same level since August, when there was the last increase. Here is the full text (PDF – 4 MB, in English). According to the report, monetary policy “it will help ensure that inflation returns to the 2% target and remains at that level”. He says that even with the “progress” in key economic data, “We are not yet at the point of reducing interest rates”. The annual rate of inflation in the UK slowed to 3.2% in March.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/poder-flash/reino-unido-mantem-taxa-de-juros-em-525-pela-6a-vez/

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