The United Nations spokesperson stated that agencies in the region have not received water and food packages since Saturday (May 18)

The UN (United Nations) declared this Monday (May 20, 2024) that it has not received any humanitarian aid from the pier built by the United States on a beach on the coast of the Gaza Strip for 2 days. Aid trucks have been emptied by Palestinian refugees before reaching distribution bases, according to the Reuters.

In a statement to journalists, Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for the United Nations, explained that there is difficulty in providing tents or shelters for Palestinians who left Gaza.

“The people displaced from Rafah are seeking shelter in any available open land, including access roads, farmland and damaged buildings.”said Dujarric.

UN humanitarian support agencies face problems distributing basic supplies such as water, food and hygiene products to refugees.

The main adversity for migrants is the difficulty in receiving assistance during the escape route from the Gaza Strip, which was occupied by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

Dujarric said more than 900,000 Palestinians have been forced to move in the past two weeks.


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