Palestinians were reportedly hit by the Israeli army while waiting for food; Israel blames crowding

A UN (United Nations) team said it had identified on Friday (1st March 2024) a large number of people with gunshot wounds at Al-shifa hospital, in the Gaza Strip, during the delegation’s visit to the medical center .

Civilians were reportedly hit by Israeli army soldiers while waiting for trucks with humanitarian aid on Thursday (29.Feb). The information is from BBC.

“As I speak to you, this hospital is treating more than 200 people who were injured yesterday. We saw people with gunshot wounds. We saw amputees and we saw children up to 12 years old who were injured yesterday”said Georgios Petropoulos, head of Ocha (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) in Gaza.

The version goes against the which the Israeli government stated on Thursday (29.Feb). Tel Aviv blames most of the injuries on confusion caused during the delivery of supplies.

“Residents surrounded the trucks to loot the supplies being delivered. As a result of the pushing, trampling and being run over by trucks, dozens of Palestinians were killed and injured.”, these the Israeli army in the 0casiã0.


On Thursday (Feb 29), around 112 people died and another 750 were injured while waiting for trucks with humanitarian aid in Gaza. Hamas accuses Israel of shooting at civilians.

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The episode sparked criticism from international leaders. United States President Joe Biden said that the attack will make negotiations difficult for the return of hostages and a temporary ceasefire in the conflict in Gaza.


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