Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, will release a work featuring episodes featuring farm animals

The governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem (Republican), wrote in her book that she had already killed a dog and a goat on her rural property in the state.

The publication, which should be launched in May in the United States, is titled “No Going Back: The Truth About What’s Wrong in Politics and How to Move America Forward” (in English translation). Noem is one of those being considered to be vice president on former President Donald Trump’s (Republican) ticket in the 2024 election campaign.

In the book, the governor states that the animal, a female named “Cricket”, was aggressive and disobedient, according to the newspaper The Guardian. According to the republican, the 14-month-old dog was taken on one occasion to hunt pheasant and ended up getting in the way of her dog. “excitement”chasing the birds.

An electronic shock collar was used to try to control Cricket, according to the book, but the equipment would not have been successful in this objective.

In another episode, the dog had killed dozens of chickens on a neighboring farm. The governor claims that she was almost bitten when she went to take Cricket away from the birds. She says she hated the dog, and decided to kill her when she realized she couldn’t be trained.

She shot the dog in a gravel pit. “It wasn’t a pleasant job, but it needed to be done”, says the author. The same happened to a goat on the property that gored and knocked down the family’s children. She describes the animal as “unpleasant and bad” and with a smell “disgusting and rancid”.

She says the book is a demonstration of political conviction and that unpopular measures are, in some cases, necessary. Therefore, the death of the animals would be a gesture of political courage.

A Trump supporter, Noem said she would defend the former US president even if he were convicted in the trial accusing him of forging documents.

She also said that, if she had been Trump’s vice president in 2020, when Joe Biden (Democrat) was elected, she would not have recognized the results of the polls like the vice president at the time, Mike Pence.


28.abr.2024 (10:47 pm) – unlike the post above stated, the president of the USA is called Joe Bidene no John Biden. The text has been corrected and updated.


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