Republican says he threatened to place 100% tariffs on French wines if Macron did not remove tax on US companies

During a rally in Iowa, former US President Donald Trump claimed that French President Emmanuel Macron gave in to his threats when confronted about trade tariffs.

In the speech, the Republican cited an alleged phone call between the 2 leaders, when he was still in the White House, in which he threatened to impose 100% tariffs on French wines if Macron did not revoke the 25% taxes on North American companies doing business. In Mexico. The speech was during an event for his electoral campaign on January 5th.

Calling Macron “a really nice guy” and imitating his French accent, Trump said he asked the president to “cancel approval” of the tax. “If you don’t cancel, you will be charged a 100% tariff on all wine and champagne shipped to the United States starting tonight.”these.

Watch (1min59s):

In the speech given in the city of Mason City before the opening of the 1st Republican Party caucus in Iowa, Trump also stated that his rival in the presidential elections, Joe Biden, would not do the same if he were in that situation.

“Do you think Joe Biden can do the same? He doesn’t even know what’s going on. Dude, he can’t. I’m speaking”these.

The Republican also mocked Biden’s speeches and spoke again about the Democrat’s supposed mental confusion, questioning his willingness to lead the country if re-elected. “I saw the other night, he couldn’t find the stairs to get off the stage.”these.

“He finishes his speech, which usually doesn’t last more than 3 minutes because, you know, the effect of the medicine wears off after 3 minutes”he concluded.


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