Former president defends that States decide on the issue, but criticizes the reactivation of the 19th century law that prohibits abortion in almost all cases

Former US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday (April 10, 2024) that the State of Arizona went too far in banning abortion in almost all circumstances based on a 19th century law.

Asked by a journalist whether the Arizona courts went too far, the Republican agreed and said that this will be corrected if he is elected president again. “This will be resolved, and as you know, it’s all about states’ rights.,” Trump said upon landing in Atlanta for a fundraising event. The information is from Associated Press.

Earlier, on Monday (April 8), Trump said in a video published on Truth Social that it is up to North American states to decide on the right to abortion and restrictions related to the procedure, refusing to endorse the national ban.

He also stated that he was “strongly in favor” to abortion in cases such as rape, incest and life-threatening situations.

The issue has an impact on the presidential elections on November 5th. Questioned by journalists, President Joe Biden also said he was against Arizona’s decision. “Elejam-me”, said the president. “I’m in the 20th century… in the 21st century. Not then.


On Tuesday (April 9), the Arizona Supreme Court reactivated an 1864 law that allows abortion only when the pregnant woman’s life is at risk. In other words, termination of pregnancy is prohibited in cases of rape or incest, for example.

The Arizona law had been blocked since Roe v. Wade. Wade of the US Supreme Court in 1973, which guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion throughout the country. After Roe v. Wade was annulled, in June 2022, the discussion was resumed at the state level.

In light of this opinion, doctors are now aware that all abortions, except those necessary to save a woman’s life, are illegal.”, says the decision. The law stipulates a penalty of 2 to 5 years in prison for non-compliance.


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