Former US president tried to ban platform from the country when he commanded the White House due to concerns about security and privacy

Former US President Donald Trump created an account on TikTok, a Chinese video platform. He tried to ban the social network while commanding the White House.

The 1st video published on profile @realdonaldtrump on Saturday (June 1, 2024) shows the Republican being cheered by supporters as he entered the Prudential Center, a gym in Newark, New Jersey, where a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight was taking place.

Watch (43s):

“The president is now on TikTok”said UFC CEO Dana White, introducing Trump in the video. “It is an honor”replied the Republican.

Until the publication of this report, Trump’s profile on TikTok had 2.1 million followers and the first video had already been seen by 35.8 million people.

Even when he was no longer president of the USA, Trump definiu or TikTok as a “threat to national security” with the potential to interfere in the US elections, scheduled for November 2024. He stated that his biggest concern regarding the application would be the security and privacy of North American users.

According to the digital newspaper Politico, Trump’s decision to create an account on TikTok comes in an attempt to reach younger voters, the social network’s target audience.

The platform is the target of scrutiny from US authorities on suspicion of spying on users and passing on information to the Chinese government. In April, Democratic President Joe Biden sanctioned the bill that obliges the Chinese company ByteDance to sell TikTok in the United States within 1 year.


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