Meetings will be in June and September; both had initially announced that they would not participate in debates

Former President of the United States Donald Trump accepted this Wednesday (May 15, 2024) the invitation of the current Chief Executive, Joe Biden, to 2 electoral debates. The Democrat is seeking re-election, while the Republican is trying to return to the White House.

The 1st debate will be on June 27th and will be broadcast on CNN without an audience. The 2nd will be on September 10th, airing on ABC. The commitments are in line with previous announcements by both, who had said that they would not participate in debates during the electoral race, traditionally organized in the US by a non-partisan commission from the end of September.

This Wednesday (May 15), Biden published on his profile on X (formerly Twitter) that he had received and accepted the invitation from CNN. “It’s up to you, Donald. Like you said: anywhere, anytime, anywhere.”he wrote.He then announced ABC’s invitation to the meeting and provoked the Republican once again: “Trump says he will arrange his own transportation. I’ll bring my plane too. I intend to keep it for another 4 years”.With this, Trump responded on his profile on the social network Truth Social accepting both meetings with Biden and stated that the current chief executive is “the worst president in the history of the United States and a true threat to democracy”.

The former representative also asked for more dates to be scheduled and in a large venue “for entertainment purposes”.

The June debate will be held at a politically tense moment, shortly after the end of Trump’s trial in New York and Biden’s international trips to Europe. Furthermore, it coincides with the criminal trial of Hunter Biden, the president’s son, scheduled to begin on June 3.


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