Argentine Security Minister accused organizers of protest against Milei of extortion to increase participation

The Argentine Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich, took stock this Wednesday (Dec 20, 2023) about the act called against President Javier Milei. The protest was attended by about 1/5 of the initially projected audience. According to her, the Argentine government received more than 10,000 complaints of extortion attempts to convince people to attend.

“They left an ideological militancy alone and those who always attended, often dragged, did not come”, declared Bullrich, according to Clarin. “I make special mention of the thousands of Argentines who did not allow themselves to be extorted”, continued the minister, highlighting that the government will have a “very strong response channel” to investigate the allegations.

According to Bullrich, the main form of pressure exerted by demonstration organizers to try to inflate attendance was the threat of canceling social benefits, as previously announced by the government. “Those who stayed at home will be able to keep the benefits that the State gives them for being in poverty”he stated.

The protests held in the center of Buenos Aires brought together around 10,000 people, according to Clariondespite projections of up to 50,000 participants.


The minister also highlighted that the protesters who were present “they were not carrying sticks, stones, nor were they hooded”.

“Thousands of Argentines today put an end to the pressure and extortion of those who manage poverty. I think people are ready to start a change in Argentina”, Bullrich declared.

The government provided a telephone line so that the population could report undue pressure.

The new Argentine government’s anti-demonstration protocol covers those who transport, organize and finance protests. The identification of protesters who violated the order was carried out using facial recognition cameras spread across the Argentine capital.

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