The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, responded to the French hypothesis of sending Western troops to Ukraine in his annual speech to the country’s Parliament, this Thursday (29/02), stating that the plan considered by the West “would lead to the threat of a conflict with nuclear weapons and, therefore, the annihilation of civilization”.

Putin’s rejection comes after the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, last Tuesday (27/02) discussed the possibility of sending troops to the country militarily financed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

“They started talking about the possibility of sending NATO military contingents to Ukraine. Let’s remember the fate of those who, in the past, sent their contingents to our country. Now the consequences would be much more tragic,” Putin said in front of the Russian Parliament.

Putin’s warning stems from the “total state of readiness” that Russian nuclear forces, made up of sea-based hypersonic systems with intercontinental range, laser systems, and cruise and ballistic missiles are in.

Putin also mentioned that “the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces have multiplied significantly and are firmly in possession of the initiative.”

The Kremlin leader also accused Western countries of trying to “drag” Russia into an “arms race”, seeking to “repeat the trick used in the 1980s with the Soviet Union”.

“They would like to do the same thing to Russia as they did to many regions of the world, including Ukraine. They need a dying, dependent and declining territory where they can do whatever they want,” Putin said about the colonial plans of Western countries.

Once again, the Russian president recalled that the consequences would not be as in the past, but rather “terrible”, and stated that allegations that his country is trying to attack Europe are “absurd.”

Another European accusation rejected by the Russian leader is that of deploying nuclear weapons in space, stating that the accusations are “unfounded”.

BRICS and new global financial architecture

During his address to the nation, the Russian president commented on the growing role of the BRICS in transforming the world economy against “the old monopolies and stereotypes” of the West.

“By 2028, the BRICS, including the countries that recently became members of this alliance, will generate around 37% of world GDP, while the G7 figure will fall below 28%,” Putin said.

Putin also promised that Russia will be “one of the four greatest economic powers in the world” and revealed his intention to build a “new global financial architecture” with “friendly countries”, which would be a way of reducing the impact of Western sanctions.

Putin’s message comes just a few weeks before the presidential elections in which he will seek re-election, facing three other candidates. The Federation Council of the Federal Assembly has scheduled presidential elections for March 17, 2024.


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