Zachary Kirkhorn has been with the automaker since 2010 and has held the position of CFO for the last 4 years

Tesla announced on Monday (7.Aug.2033) that the CFO (Chief Financial Officer, equivalent to CFO) Zachary Kirkhorn stepped down last week and was replaced by Vaibhav Taneja, CFO. Kirkhorn joined the automaker in 2010 and has served as CFO for the past 4 years.

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, board members considered Kirkhorn a possible successor to company owner Elon Musk as CEO. In a statement (fullin English – 37 KB), Tesla said that the former CFO will remain at the company until the end of 2023 “to support a seamless transition”.

The exit occurs at the moment when the assembler prepares to launch the Cybertruck, the 1st passenger car in over 3 years. The model should be available by the end of this year. Tesla did not say why Kirkhorn would leave the company.

By thanking Kirkhorn”for their significant contributions”, the company said that “During his tenure, Tesla experienced massive expansion and growth.”.


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