Another great day of mobilizations began this Thursday (4) against the policies of Javier Milei’s ultra-liberal government in Argentina, led by the strike of secondary school and university teachers, who joined a camp of retirees in front of the National Congress

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Javier Milei’s government once again applied the anti-protest protocol this Thursday. He repressed teachers and retirees with the police during a rally in front of Congress to demand the recovery of their income and denounce the brutal adjustment implemented by the far-right administration.

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“They are gassing us and beating us when all we ask is for them to give the money to the schools. Here there are teachers, also retired, protesting peacefully,” a teacher told the newspaper Page 12.

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This Thursday’s strike requires the resumption of parity — agreements between unions, companies and the government to adjust the salary floor across the country to rising prices — and the refund of the National Teacher Incentive Fund (Fonid), revoked by government decree Milei.

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Convened by the Confederation of Education Workers of the Argentine Republic (CTERA), the mobilization was joined by several student entities such as the National Federation of University Teachers (Conadu) — the majority association of the university sector, with more than 40% of the sector’s representation — and the faculty union of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Education workers will march to Congress with the Argentine Workers Central (CTA).

With a budget extended from 2023, the authorities of national universities grouped in the CIN (National University Council) have warned of a budgetary emergency that would mean the virtual paralysis of activities in the month of June.

The loss of purchasing power in salaries equally affects the 170,000 university teachers and 45,000 non-teaching workers, while around two million students study at public universities.

Public servant strike

Strike of university teachers takes place in Argentina this Thursday (4) / Conadu / Disclosure

On Friday (5), it is the turn of public servants to begin a strike against the 11 thousand layoffs registered by the State Workers Association (ATE). According to the Milei government, layoffs in the sector could reach up to 21 thousand workers.

The Active National Strike of civil servants will have mobilizations across the country on Friday (5). In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, protesters will head to the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy.

The union defined a list of demands for Friday’s protest. Firstly, the immediate reinstatement of all dismissed workers and the end of layoffs, the regularization of all contractual relationships and the transfer of all workers to a Permanent Center.

ATE’s general secretary, Rodolfo Aguiar, highlighted that the escalation of the conflict in the State “is the responsibility of the Milei Government, which decided to unleash an unusual level of aggression and attack on our labor rights”.

Retirees camped in front of Congress

Another ongoing mobilization in Argentina is that of retirees and pensioners who decided to remain camped out between Wednesday (3) and Thursday (4) in front of Congress to talk to deputies.

“We will not remain silent if they want to approve the Moratorium Law thanks to which hundreds of thousands of colleagues retired and we will not let them vote on any Mobility Law without consulting us. That’s why we stayed all night,” he told the newspaper Argentinian time one of the campers, while drinking mate.

*Com Tiempo Argentino e Page 12

Editing: Matheus Alves de Almeida


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