The Uruguayan teachers’ union began a strike on Tuesday (5) that will last for three consecutive days in schools in the capital Montevideo, demanding the teaching budget and denouncing the precariousness in the sector.

For Tuesday’s day, the strike was called in public schools in the west of Montevideo. On Wednesday (6), it will be in schools in the center and on Thursday (7) in the east. The strike and protests will affect at least 110 schools in the Uruguayan capital.

In this sense, the initial and primary education authorities have defined basic school centers to distribute food to children in schools that will remain closed or without classes due to the strikes.

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In the same way that, on Friday (8), International Women’s Day, the Inter-Union Plenary of Workers – National Workers’ Convention of Uruguay (PIT-CNT) called for a national women’s strike, and in the case of the teachers’ union ( Uruguayan Federation of Teaching), men also joined the strike.

The budget and precarious situation is generating a drop in the quality of teaching services due to the lack of staff to serve the school cafeterias and delays in installments to guarantee payment on time to school cafeteria suppliers.


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